About Us

At Strive Medical, we specialize in providing every patient and customer with quality healthcare services through COMMITMENT, DEDICATION, and PROMPTNESS. We feel this is our responsibility and duty as a premier medical supply provider for urological and wound care supplies.

Our Services

At Strive Medical, we handle all insurance billing for you. Being an ACHC accredited provider, we can supply patients with coverage under Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Insurance Plans. Strive Medical is in contract with over 24 state Medicaid programs and over 5,000 Private Insurance Plans across the nation.
All patients are paired with a Patient Care Coordinator who works closely and promptly with your insurance carrier. Each Patient Care Coordinator is trained to verify patient insurance benefits, coverage, and documentation. The coordinator will contact you before shipping to discuss if your supplies are covered under your insurance coverage and if there will be any out-of-pocket portion. Strive Medical strictly follows patient insurance coverage guidelines.

Our Commitment

For over ten years, we have been supplying patients throughout the United States with medical diagnoses such as urinary retention, urinary incontinence, bladder and prostate cancer, burns, open wounds, pressure ulcers, edema, and others. Our goal is to make sure that our patients receive unprecedented care when it comes to their medical supply needs.

We are committed to giving our patients the highest quality customer service and the best products available in today’s healthcare market. Strive Medical team members and patient care coordinators follow this commitment to fulfill every patient's plan of care.

Why do patients and physicians choose Strive Medical?

Product Availability

Strive Medical offers wound care and urological products from every leading name brand manufacturer in the market. Product availability should never be an issue.


Our headquarters is centrally located in Irving, Texas. We also have warehouses and branch locations scattered throughout the United States. Our widespread warehouses allow us to get our products to patients within 1-2 business days, no matter where you live.

ContinuousCare Program

Strive Medical has established a ContinuousCare program for non-Medicare catheter patients who would like to receive their products each month without the hassle of phone calls or mail. This program ensures patients receive their catheters each month without any delay.

Payment and Hardship Programs

For patients who do not have insurance, Strive Medical offers financial assistance programs. To qualify for this program, the patient must fill out an application. Once approved, the program helps the patient cover the expense of their supply needs. Strive Medical also offers reasonable payment plan arrangements to enable patients to divide high balances.


Strive Medical is also a part of the national Intellicure program allowing wound care centers from around the United States to refer prescriptions to us electronically and securely for ease of order placement.

ACHC Accreditation

Strive Medical is accredited through ACHC, a Medicare-approved accrediting body.