The Importance Of Having A Choice When It Comes To Your Catheter

Being able to have a say in what catheter you use is a decision you should be able to make. No single product is going to work for everyone- each person’s body is unique and has different needs.

Just because one type or brand of catheter may work well for one person does not mean it will be the same kind of experience for the next person.

A few different factors that can affect a person’s choice when it comes to picking the right catheter may include: cost, convenience, comfort, packaging, and materials.

At Strive Medical, we take these factors into consideration when helping you choose the best catheter for your needs. We carry multiple options and can send samples to help you find your perfect fit.

By choosing the right catheter fit for you, it can help ensure that as a patient you follow your doctor’s plan of care, which is important for your overall health.

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