How long does it take to recieve my supplies?

Once your insurance has been verified and the medical supplies have been authorized by your insurance, you should receive your supplies in one to two business days.

How many catheters can I receive each month?

Medicare allows up to 200 catheters per month. Most state Medicaid programs and commercial insurances follow Medicare guidelines, but may allow for more than 200 catheters a month if authorization is given by the insurance carrier. The insurance carrier may require additional documentation if more than 200 catheters are needed. If you are needing more catheters than your insurance company will allow, you always have the option to pay out of pocket for additional supplies.

How can I order supplies from Strive?

You can call a Patient Care Coordinator at 888-771-9229 Monday - Friday 8am-7pm CST to help assist you with ordering supplies. If you have a prescription from your physician, you may fax it to 866-680-5574.

What products and services does Strive provide?

Strive Medical specializes in Wound Care and Catheters. We carry primary dressings including silver alginates, foams, collagens, hydrogels, and secondary dressings such as bandage rolls, gauze and ABD Pads. Strive also carries, intermittent catheters, sterile kits, foley catheters as well as male external catheters.

How much does Strive cost to delivery my supplies?

Strive Medical doesn't charge shipping fees for standard shipping. Special shipping requests such as overnight may require additional. In most cases, you will receive your supplies the next day even with standard shipping.

Is it a good idea to reuse my catheters?

The FDA recommends that patient do not reuse their catheters as this increases the risk for urinary tract infections. The FDA recommends that catheter patients use a new catheter every time they void.

What is a coude catheter?

A coude catheter is an intermittent catheter with a curved tip. The curved tip helps to reduce friction upon insertion into the urethra results in less discomfort when cathing. Anyone who has trouble cathing or has an enlarged prostate should inquire about coude catheters. Coude catheters come in several different tip variations including olive-tip, tapper-tip and tiemann tip.

Can I receive more than one month of supplies at at time?

Medicare allows for patients to receive up to three months of supplies at a time. If you are interested in being set up on three month shipping intervals, please contact a Strive representative today.

Is Strive Medical accredited?

Yes, Strive Medical has been accredited by ACHC. ACHC is a Medicare approved accrediting body.

As a patient, do I need to register for an account on the Strive website?

Creating an online account will help Strive Medical communicate with you as well as keeping your information on file up to date. You may also watch helpful videos, pay invoices and reorder supplies once you have set up an online account.

How are my supplies shipped to me?

Strive Medical uses FedEx, UPS and Ontrac couriers to ship all packages. If the ship-to address is a P.O. Box, the package(s) will be shipped via UPS to the local U.S. Post Office and then they will be delivered to the P.O. Box.

Can I have an order shipped to an alternative address?

Yes, please notify a Strive Medical representative if you need your shipment mailed to any address other than your billing address or the address that Strive Medical currently has on record for you.

What do I do if I there is an issue with my shipment of supplies?

Contact a Strive Medical representative immediately at 888-771-9229 to discuss any issues or concerns you may have once you receive your shipment of supplies. You may also refer to the Strive Medical return policy on our website at